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What is a Wonderlooper?

For one day only, Wonderloopers will pop-up on Northern Spire bridge!

A Wonderlooper is a bridge-playing instrument unique to Sunderland. These devices have sprouted and grown from the giant soaring cables of Northern Spire bridge. White on the outside and dark on the inside, they are like mysterious tunnels large enough for you or I to walk into. Wonderloopers blast the breath of the north wind onto the cables of Northern Spire bridge and bow and rattle her cables like a giant Aeolian Harp - a beautiful and haunting sound.

Wonderloopers have roots, channels and arteries that reach out into the subconscious of the neighbouring residents of Pallion, St Anne’s, Castletown and Millfield - syphoning their dreams as they sleep.

On Sunday 16th September 2018 our Wonderloopers will provide a direct link to Sunderland’s dreams and hopes for the future. We invite you to come and experience these musical portals and hear Northern Spire and the north wind sing the dreams of Sunderland’s citizens through the Wonderloopers.

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Come and join this collaborative, community celebration - Come and play the bridge . . .